5 Simple Ways To Stay Stress Free While Awaiting Your Admission Decision

What will happen? The what if situation can make anyone insane.
I know the wait and anticipation is scary. So, we have got you covered with these 7 simple steps to help you cope and stay stress free while awaiting your admission decision.
Let’s get started…
  1. Make use of your time When you sit idle or have got nothing to do, your mind starts playing tricks and get stuck on one point. The key here is to keep your mind occupied and make efficient use of your time. You can take up some online courses that will help you in your later semesters in the college.
  2. Develop a new hobby Hobbies have a great way of channeling nervous energy and pouring it into something positive. According to a study, hobbies improve your mood, well-being, or life satisfaction. They also beat a depressed mood and give you better stress-coping skills as you wait on those college acceptance letters. Dancing, painting a picture, journalingalmost – any hobby works as long as you enjoy it! Also, it’ll help you productively spend the time while you wait on those college decisions.
  3. Keep your patience and confidence Once you have applied to a college of your choice, it’s natural to get anxious but you also need to remember that the college receives thousands and hundreds of applications and they have a defined process which may take upto weeks or even months to give you a final decision. In that scenario remember to keep your patience and confidence high. Don’t keep on contacting the office of admissions for an update all the time.
  4. Keep an eye on your email Often times, colleges and universities take time to update their application portal. It’s always a great idea to keep a keen eye on your email for regular and current updates from the college regarding your admissions.
  5. Apply for Scholarship You might have slowed down on applying for outside scholarships when you were focusing on your college applications. However, now that your applications have been submitted, apply for scholarships. Everyone can use a little extra money to attend college and scholarships can be a big help! Schedule some time each week to send in quality applications for scholarships and ensure you apply for international scholarships as most colleges provide one if you have a well-balanced profile.
Finally, stay positive and all the very best for your admission decision. We hope you enjoy your final high school year to the maximum potential.
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