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5 Simple Ways To Stay Stress Free While Awaiting Your Admission Decision

What will happen? The what if situation can make anyone insane. I know the wait and anticipation is scary. So, we have got you covered with these 7 simple steps to help you cope and stay stress free while awaiting your admission decision. Let’s get started… Make use of your time When you sit idle […]

SAT Test Dates and Centers: A Quick Handbook For Students

SAT is the most important international exam for aspiring international students. To find SAT Test dates and centers near you, you can check the official College Board website ( and register at the earliest in order to get the location near your place or the one which is the most convenient for you. You will […]

Beginner’s Guide for Studying in Japan

If you aspire to study in Japan- the homeland of the bullet train, instant noodles and karaoke, you’ll be pleased to know that Japan wants you too. The Japanese government is keen to attract more international students and has set a target of having 300,000 foreign students in the country by 2020. As a result, […]

IELTS vs TOEFL: Which exam should you go for?

If you are aiming to study abroad or want to have job experience in an English speaking country, then it is important for you to sit in either of the standardized exams to evaluate your level of English proficiency. The two major English language tests are IELTS (International English language test system) and TOEFL (Test […]

5 Ways To Make Your Christmas More Productive

Well, from our childhood to the adulthood days, we get so excited when our schools or colleges announce holidays and the excitement remains the same even after we have grown up. Holidays always tend to bring a broad smile to a person’s face and surplus amount of joys and happiness in our lives. As a […]

A Quick Guide To The 7 Ultimate Safety Tips While Studying Abroad

We all are well aware that studying abroad can be fun and exciting. As an international student, you should do everything you can to make the most of your time studying abroad. However, you should also be well aware of some of the dangers you might encounter when you plan to study abroad. 1. Research […]

4 Week Fasttrack Prep Guide For SAT

If you’re reading this, I am pretty sure you are short on time and all that SAT prep is overwhelming. If that’s the case, please feel free to read this 4-week fast track prep guide to help you ace that exam.  Let’s begin.  For this quick, high-intensity plan, you’ll spend 40 total hours, or 10 […]

SAT and TOEFL: Which one should you take first?

Any student who’s ever thought about studying in the U.S. will likely face two tests along the way. The first one, called the TOEFL, is a test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers who want to attend universities in the U.S. The second one is known as the SAT, and is widely […]

10 Expert Tips For Passing Your Student Visa Interview

If you are planning on going to a university in USA, you may be wondering about the logistics of getting there. The visa interview is a very important step that could be intimidating to some people.  But don’t worry! Below you will find some expert tips on how to pass your student visa interview. Step […]

Most Frequently Questions About Studying Abroad Answered

1) Why should I study abroad?  Earning your degree abroad provides numerous personal and professional benefits. The international experience you gain will make you more attractive to companies eager to hire graduates who are flexible, multilingual, and comfortable in multicultural settings.   Furthermore, you’ll learn valuable life skills and experience enhanced personal growth.  2) Where’ll […]