Most Frequently Questions About Studying Abroad Answered

1) Why should I study abroad?

 Earning your degree abroad provides numerous personal and professional benefits. The international experience you gain will make you more attractive to companies eager to hire graduates who are flexible, multilingual, and comfortable in multicultural settings.  

Furthermore, you’ll learn valuable life skills and experience enhanced personal growth. 

2) Where’ll I live while I’m studying abroad?

It depends on the city you’ll be studying in. Some foreign academies have an on-campus housing (dormitory or apartment style), while other programs will offer to book off-campus housing for you. Check with your specific program as soon as you’re accepted.

3) What will it be like going to school in a different country?

It will likely be scary at first (navigating a new city to your new classes with new teachers and friends!), but then awesome and life-changing.

4) Can I travel during my program, or have friends or family to come visit me?

It depends on your school, and how strict/ lenient their policies are. As far as I know, friends and family are usually very welcome to visit your campus while abroad!

5) What travel documents will I need before I leave?

  • Passport
  • Student visa (if necessary)
  • Copies of health insurance
  • Copies of travel insurance
  • State ID/ driver’s license
  • Medical and vaccine history (just in case)
  • Plane tickets.

6) How much does it cost?

It completely depends on your program. Check with your school and see if your tuition covers your time abroad!

7) How can I better deal with culture shock before I leave?

It helps to do a ton of research about the place, and look at plenty of travel blogs. Learn a few phrases in the local language, and maybe try some new foods from the place you’re going to. If possible, ask your university to put you in touch with somebody who has studied abroad with your program before you go!