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Suchet is the perfect example of a student who had an above average profile. But as we know, for admission to a good undergraduate school, you need more than that. After just one counseling session, we understood his requirements. Once we knew his goals, the wheels of getting him admitted to USA were set in motion. 

First, we analyzed his profile and discovered how he has an immense passion for music apart from computer engineering. Also, he is a very shy kid which can be a difficult characteristic to get the information out of the student. Once we had all his certificates, we knew how to connect the dots and bring out his passion to the forefront while showcasing his dedication towards his subjects. 

His holistic personality was showcased with the right choice of words and directed intent in his personal essay. Afterward, we ensured his International exams were also done on time. After careful planning and assessment, we applied to 5 universities for him and kept a keen eye on the timeline of every university. 

That being said, we are immensely pleased to announce that he got an admit for 4 universities. We hope he reaches new heights in this new life in the USA.

“Suchet will be starting as a freshman in San Francisco State University in January 2019.” 


Gurupdesh is one such student who is a very vibrant child full of energy and happiness. For his admissions, we decided to use this aspect of his personality to enhance his portfolio. 

Apart from being an exceptionally well student academically, he has established his footing in varied fields such as sports (football, basketball, badminton, cricket, swimming, and more) and had shown immaculate achievements in literary field as well. 

Having so many feathers in one hat, he is also a multitasker and a great leader who can adorn any kind of responsibility with grace. For his SOP, we needed a perfect blend of just that. Also, his LORs were highly impressive. 

Although he couldn’t score a very high percentage in SAT, his vibrant personality and exceptional profile gave him an edge in the admissions. 

We knew we had to apply early for this student because academic scores still mattered for his field of study. So, early applications not only got him admitted in 2 out of 3 universities but also, he acquired an impressive $80,000 scholarship.


Rajvir Singh is an exceptional student who excelled in academics and did a commendable
internship in his field of choice. He had enrolled with us for his test preparation (IELTS and
GRE) and admission counseling.

Upon discovering his course, we realized that he had a few backlogs. However, he graduated
and enhanced his CGPA using those backlogs clearance opportunity. That being out of the way,
we decided on his Major and specialization after carefully analyzing the post-study opportunities
as well, we applied to the best universities in Canada and USA.

Rajvir got an admit from 4 out of 5 prestigious universities and he has settled on attending the
University of Texas in Spring 2019 for his Masters in Civil Engineering


There is no one size fits all theory when it comes to admission process involved abroad. We are
proud of being associated with students who are well-placed in prestigious universities across
USA and Canada.

As academic counselors, we have come across many cases wherein different hurdles would
have restrained the students from realizing their goals. However, at IIE, we strive for success
and help our students all the way by guiding them in the right direction and providing them with
suitable alternatives as well.

Let’s take an example of one such student- Robin Singh Deonia. He had enrolled with us for
his admission counseling. Although he had a passion to study abroad, he had a weak profile
and a low GRE score.

After 2 mentoring sessions and a two-way interaction, we decided on 5 universities for him and
decided to make him shine out with the help of a unique SOP and well-drafted LORs. Once we
built his strong profile and prepared his CV along with other documents, the next task was early
application and admit.

After careful planning, assessing and filling of the applications, Robin has got a successful admit
from two universities- Indiana State University and the University of Missouri-St. Louis in
Computer Science.

“He will be starting his classes from January 2019. We wish him good luck for all his
future endeavors.”

Pulkit Sharma

Pulkit Sharma, another exceptional Mechanical Engineering student from Chitkara University
got selected as a Junior Project Manager at Isuzu Motors. However, his dream was to go
beyond the horizons sitting as a CEO in a reputed MNC.

When he came to IIE, our academic counselors guided him to pursue MBA for the realization of
his dreams. He attained an impressive score of 610 in GMAT with 8 Bands in IELTS and we
applied to a number of universities in the USA and Canada.

In the end, he decided to join the impressive and prestigious MBA programme of McMaster
University, Canada in Fall 2018.

Kanwar Jakhar

Kanwar Jakhar, a graduate from Chitkara University, Chandigarh came to us with 2 active
backlogs with a dream to go to US for his higher education. While they say it is difficult to get
into a good university with backlogs, that’s far from reality. You do need a lot of perseverance
which Kanwar had.

With preparation and guidance from IIE, he scored 315 in his GRE exam and 7 bands in his
IELTS. Further, we applied to 5 universities out of which he got his admit from 4 universities.

Kanwar has started his Masters in Civil Engineering from California State University, Fresno in
Fall 2018. Besides CSU, he also got admit from San Diego State University, Iowa State
University, and Indiana State University.


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